Eye tests and drop-in clinics are completely free of charge. We do not charge for any additional testing e.g. 3D eye scans. If you receive benefits, we have a massive range of spectacles and lenses which will be free of charge to you.
If you have to pay for your glasses, you will be glad to know that we pride ourselves in keeping prices as low as possible and that we offer a price promise which guarantees you will not get the same frames or lenses cheaper at any other Optical practice.
We have been asked this question many times over the years. The answer is ” Yes” and you will be very welcome back. We appreciate that, for many reasons, patients have found themselves at another Opticians and that they might feel a little uncomfortable coming back to us. If you prefer our services or have paid too much elsewhere simply book in to see us. No explanations necessary.
No. Simply pop in or phone to make an appointment.
It’s never too soon to have a child’s eyes tested. If You have any concerns at all or if anyone in your family has eye problems, it’s advisable to have an eye exam. Eye exams are adapted to children’s ages. Even if a child is too young to respond to us or to co-operate during the eye test, we can still give you a lot of information regarding their eye health and whether they will need spectacles.